Retain your top talent  by facilitating  a smooth transition through Maternity Leave and beyond.


Maternity Coaching supports  organisations to create  cohesive,  productive and effective  teams,  provide family-friendly  work environments  and improved reintegration  and retention rates of female employees in organisations.

We coach both employees and their managers to ensure a smooth transition through Maternity and Return to Work.

Coaching provides confidence and clarity, while supporting mothers to put coping strategies in place. I returned to work on a casual basis, but not to my normal job as I felt I wasn’t able to do both (be a mother and work). With coaching, I would not have felt as overwhelmed with the transition back to my normal job.
— Surveyed Participant
Individual Maternity Coaching

Find out about our coaching packages  for  individuals and how we can support you to thrive through life's greatest transition - motherhood.

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Maternity Coaching for Organisations

Find out about our  bespoke maternity and return to work  coaching programs for organisations that  strive to retain their top talent.

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Maternity Work Life Balance Workshops

Find out about our range of workshops focused on developing and improving  employee well-being,  work- life balance  and productivity .

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