At Speed of Life Coaching we recognise that organisations are as unique as the employees that work for them.

We offer bespoke maternity and return to work coaching programs to meet the needs of your business and employees.

Maternity and Return to Work Coaching

For the greatest benefit to organisations, we recommend coaching sessions not only for the employee, but also their manager. This dual coaching approach facilitates open communication throughout the maternity transition, proactive management of potential return to work challenges and greater workplace cohesiveness.

Preparation for Maternity Leave (Pre-Maternity Leave)

Maternity Coaching can support employees to better prepare for their Maternity Transition.

Coaching session cover topics including:

  • Role and/or Project Handover preparation
  • Managing workloads during pregnancy
  • Managing key work relationships while on maternity leave
  • Expectations of maternity leave, return to work and beyond

Return to Work Coaching (During Maternity Leave)

Return to Work Coaching supports employees in their return to the workplace after a period of Maternity Leave.

Coaching sessions cover topics including:

  • Preparation for returning to work
  • Consideration of ideal work arrangements
  • Rebuilding confidence in ‘pre-baby’ work skills
  • Development of strategies to cope with sleep disruption and other parenting challenges
  • Creating and maintaining life balance as a working mother
  • Expectations of maternity leave, return to work and beyond


Re-engagement Coaching supports employees once they have returned to the workplace from Maternity Leave.

Coaching sessions cover topics including:

  • Reintegration into the workplace
  • Managing key relationships
  • Adjusting to changed organisational dynamics
  • Defining career pathways, professional development and training needs
  • Ease anxiety and ‘mummy guilt’
  • Managing the conflicting demands or work and family life

Coaching can be engaged at any point throughout the Maternity Cycle, by the greatest benefits are seen for employees and organisation if coaching is commenced whilst the employee is preparing to take maternity leave.

Example Maternity and Return to Work Coaching Programs can be found here.

Further information on the benefits of coaching throughout the Maternity Cycle   can be found here.

Keep in Touch Facilitation

"Out of sight, out of mind" is a common experience of mothers (and fathers) who take an extended absence from the workplace due to Parental Leave. Employees that feel disconnected from their manager, colleagues and work environment during parental leave often experience a slower re-integration into their roles and work team.

'Keep in Touch' facilitation supports managers and employees to remain connected during parental leave; without it feeling obligatory, awkward or just another task for a busy manager. KIT Plans are customised for each employee, openly discussed with the manager and designed to facilitate connection during absence  over an extended leave period.

 "Keep in Touch" mornings can also be facilitated prior to an employee returning to the workplace to ease the transition back into their team. These mornings allow an employee to reconnect with work colleagues, stay up-to-date with any organisational changes and progressively re-engage with the work environment - without feeling like an 'interruption' to the work day.


Workshops can be held onsite for small groups of employees and/or managers; and typically run for no more than two hours to have a minimal interference to busy workplaces.

Workshops are focussed on work-life  balance, wellness and productivity and are beneficial for   employees are returning to the workforce, may have recently returned to work or are working parents.

Find out more information  on our workshop topics here.