Our Team

Michelle Keeffe

Maternity and Return to Work Coach Michelle Keeffe.jpg

Michelle Keeffe is the  founder of Speed of Life Coaching, and the passion,   brains and heart behind  the Smooth Transitions Maternity and Return to Work Coaching Programs.

Even in her earlier career as an Project Manager and Engineer, she has always been passionate about the place of diversity in organisations, particularly male-dominated industries like engineering.   While the desire to challenge the status quo came from being one of the few (or only)  females in her work environments,  she also saw the impact that inclusiveness brought to the cohesiveness and productivity of work teams.

While working in corporate, Michelle found herself to be an unofficial mentor   for other young professionals who were seeking  that elusive work-life balance or contemplating the impacts of starting a family on their current career path. It was during this time in her corporate career that Michelle earned formal qualifications as a Business and Life Coach.

Michelle has worked full-time, part-time, changed careers, runs her own business, is completing further study and is raising three young boys in the process;  this allows her to bring a deeper understanding of the ups, downs and challenges faced by her clients and their employers. 

Michelle holds a unique ability to bring together the curiosity and empathy of coaching with the practicality and problem solving of project management   to create a dynamic  and impactfulapproach   for individuals and organisations that desire to thrive through transition and change.